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  Updated: January 31, 2007

Be Abi Anta wa Ommi Ya Hussein … universal history’s darkest day marked

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: The darkest day of universal history known as Ashura – Moharram 10 - was reverently and solemnly commemorated across the globe on Tuesday January 30. Ashura marks the gruesome tragedy of Karbala in which the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (p), Hussein bin Ali (p) along with his 72 faithful near and dear ones was slaughtered unjustly some 1,400 years ago.

Al-Imam Al-Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib (p) kissed martyrdom to defend Islam and Shari’ah and save high human values writing the best example of presenting sacrifice in love for Allah.

Main Ashura ceremony in the world was observed in the holy city of Karbala – home to the holy shrine of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) – where millions of mourners from across Iraq and some neighboring countries converged to mark the event.

With the streets of Karbala in central Iraq teeming with mourners, police said the 10,000-strong security force deployed for the Ashura ceremonies was on high alert.

Soon after Fajr (dawn) prayers, Ashura ceremonies kicked off with huge processions that flowed past the holy shrines of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) and his brother Al-Abbas (p). The mourners were wailing, weeping, crying, shedding floods of tears, and pounding their chests and heads with hands in deep grief.

Tens of thousands of mourners slit open their heads with swords, big knives and razor blades streaming their blood to signify their grief over the martyrdom of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) – the tragedy which caused the sky to rain blood and the earth to bleed - and thus paid rich homage to Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) who sacrificed everything in defending Islam which is today under obligation to him.

A bleeding Ali Mohammed who had cut his head with a sword said, "We do not feel pain. In fact we feel we are one with Imam Hussein."

Ashura A’maal were performed; central camps by different organizations were set up throughout the routes of the processions to facilitate the Husseini mourners. Sabil of water, sweat drinks and tea were also arranged; Food from the table of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) was served.

Similar Ashura ceremonies were also held across the country including Holy Najaf, Kazemiyah, Samara, Baghdad and Basra.

Here is a photographic report of Ashura commemoration from some countries:  

Photographic report of Ashura commemoration from different countries







Saudi Arabia










Held Kashmir











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