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  Updated: October 4, 2007

Imam Ali (AS)ís martyrdom mourned across globe

By: Raza Ali

TOKYO, Japan: Majalis-e-Aza to mark the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (AS) on 21st of the holy month of Ramadan were held throughout the world.

Speakers highlighting the seerat of Mola-e-Kaenat (AS), and reciting elegies to commemorate the sad occasion paid condolences to Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and his pure Aal (AS).

According to reports these majalis were arranged at Mosques, Hussainiyat, Imambargahs, Aza Khanas, Islamic Centers and houses in different cities of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Japan, Greece, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain and Tajikistan.

Meanwhile, Laylatul Qadr Amaal were also performed on 21st night of Ramadan across the globe. Momineen held vigils to pray for God's mercy and blessings; recited the holy Quran and supererogatory prayers.

The holy Quran was revealed to the heart of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) on Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Glory). It is the night, which according to a Quranic verse is better than a thousand months.           

Imam Ali (a) mourning programs kick off across globe

TORONTO, Canada: Mourning programs marking the martyrdom anniversary of Amir-ul-Momineen, Wasi-e-Rasool (SAW) Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (peace be on him) began across the globe from the eve of Ramazan 19.

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