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  Updated: January 20, 2008

‘The Darkest Day of Universe’ observed throughout world

By: Karim Tellawi

BEIRUT, Lebanon: Ashura, the darkest day of the universe, the day when Prophet Muhammad (S)’s grandson Al-Imam Al-Husein bin Ali (A) was brutally martyred along with his 72 near and dear ones in the blazing desert of Karbala some 14 centuries ago at the hands of Yazid, was reverently observed on January 18 in some parts of the globe and on January 19 in many other countries while in several other countries it will be marked on January 20.

Tatbir (slit open the head with sharp knife or sword to gush out the blood) and ma’atem bis salasel (cutting back to shed blood) were performed to honor the unparalleled supreme sacrifice of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (A) which gave an eternal life to Islam and protected high human values.

Majales wa mawakeb al-azaiyah (Husseini mourning sittings and processions) were held in which speakers depicted sufferings of the Chief of Martyrs Abi Abdillah Al-Hussein (A).        

Photographic report of Ashura commemoration from different countries





Saudi Arabia










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