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  Updated: December 21, 2009

Qom’s leading cleric: Shedding blood in Azadari “lawful”

By: Sayed Imam

HOLY CITY OF QOM, Iran: The leading scholar in the holy city of Qum, Ayatullah Sheikh Vahid Khorasani who is among the most senior clerics, addresses statements made by an individual telling people to not cry loudly during mourning sessions for Ahlulbayt, according to a video.

In the video http://www.youtube.com/user/blackflagsofkhorasan#p/u/0/Egpb0wC1vW0

The Ayatullah also goes over the Fatwas (verdicts) of previous scholars on the Mourning rituals and he even states that shedding blood for the sake of mourning Ahlulbayt is Halal (lawful).

Here is the original fatwah of Grand Ayatullah Muhaqiq (researcher) Sheikh Naeni that Sheikh Khorasani is referencing to in the video:

Afsos (woay) to those people who wish to erase these (Hussaini Sha’air) rituals.Beware people of Iran..know the smallest word spoken against the Hussaini sha’air breaks the back of the seal of the Holy Prophets (p).these azadari rituals - chest beating, beating with chains - have the highest need of being protected.

Whose words are these?”Mercy be on those loud cries (sarkhaat) made for our sake”..those unwise peaople are incorrcet when they say don’t raise voice when crying.this is our 6th imam the head of our school of thought this hadees was his hadees so who is this jurist(to disregard this statement ?) those jurists whose era has ended the jurist naeni , jurist barojurdi, the jurist haeri, these were jurists and they said beat your chests, hit yourself with chains, and if you shed blood, then shed it.

these are jurists this is jurispudent lower your voice when crying? What type of nonsense this person is speaking?sayha? whay sayha? Sayha is a type of howling/screeching. So what is sarkhaat..a powerful/loud “sayha” is called sarkhaat. The sixth imam said o Lord have mercy on those loud shreiks made for the sake of mourning our tragadies.o Allah I entrust you with this matter. All this nonsense over something apparent. Muhaqiq al naeni even he the pride (of the jurists) that person who the greatest of scholars become proud by just being able to understand his arguments in “doubtful clothes” (a jurispudence book by naeni ) this man the pride( of scholars) said: chest beating, chain beating, for the sake of syed ush shuhada (as) even if it causes you to bleed –is ja’ez(allowed) this ruling is not an answer made without proper understanding. You (speaking to the audience) are the people of jurisprudence, this fatwah . look how gallant this fatwa is.

when this fatwa was issued the giants of our school of thought, the champions of religion such as syed Mohsin Hakeem when asked to endorse this fatwa he wrote of our sheikh (Naeini) is far beyond the need of the approval of someone like me (scholars) such as the jurist shahrudi who said it *(this Fatwa of naeni) is right ful in every aspect. The same with all of the great scholars till you reach those people who are resting right there ( he is pointing to an area in Holy shrine of Masuma Qum where many scholars are burried) they are the cornerstones of jurisprudence.

This Haeri *the founder of Howza Qum) and this is his fatwa , that Barujurdi from whom people seek cures (through the blessings of his grave) in our month (Muharram) people tie clothes to his shrine (for blessings) and then take them on the day of ashura to use to cover their Alams This Burujurdi (Jurist) says: any ritual that is known to be a type of Azadari, people must emulate them. The are the jurists of our school of thought, those people who have studied every aspect and every argument of the doctrine(self harm). they have examined all the hadees, their sources and narration chains. Those people who have studied every aspect and every argument of the doctrine and have examined all the secondary as well as first order aspects of the rullings, and fully examined the issue of damage to one self.

After completeing all of this invetigation they have said in this way (the azadari ritual discussed earlier) there is absolutely no problem. on the day of Ashura people should only look towards karbala.. where? ..that place where the doubters were answered Mirza Shirazi, the second Mirza, hundereds (of scholars) have bragged about being one of his students, even people like Al Balaghi who was one of his smallest students.

Even a person like this (Mirza Shirazi) On the day of ashura would go out bare headed and bare foot and would beat his chest while holding on to the banner of (Ashura) proccession. This jurist, the support of this ummah. On ashura keep your eyes on his example, during Fatmiyah you should listen to who?

Listen and follow the example of that person (Mirza Shirazi) , people like marhoom ayatullah milani and ayatullah khoie these two scholars were only mere students of his students. Keep your ears to him what does he (Mirza Shirazi) say? He said (for the occasion of Fatmiyah): has the news of nail (Masmari) reached you .Go ask that chest which was the treasure of Secrets (of the Prophet of Allah) (Reffering to the nail on the door that pierced the chest of Fatima (sa).

On the day of ashura and on 3rd jamadi us sani (the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (sa) all the groups which beat their chest and beat themsleves with chains must come out and beat themsleves with chains for the sake of that person (Fatima Zahra (sa) who Ali ibne abitalib the giant of Mankind when the halo of moon light made it possible to finf her hidden grave he placed his head on the grave and said: My soul is trapped in this grievous sigh, I wish it would raise its self with this exhale.

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