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  Updated: March 7, 2005



“And keep the covenant. Surely the covenant will be inquired into.”

On the beginning of fifth year of launching of http://www.jafariyanews.com  on Muharram 25 which marks the martyrdom anniversary of fourth infallible Imam Al-Imam Ali bin Al-Hussein Zayn-ul Abedeen (A), we make commitment to further boost our efforts to achieve our holy targets.

http://www.jafariyanews.com was inaugurated with a supplication of Sayyed-us Sajedeen (A), or the Chief of those who prostrate in front of Allah, as the biggest weapon of a believer is prayer.

We seek further prayers of our visitors, are grateful to our correspondents the world over and the whole team who are working selflessly (unpaid) and whose unceasing efforts and cooperation helped us to reach here.

Joan Syed
Chief Editor

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