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Bhutto, Bush, and Musharraf

With the assassination of Ms. Bhutto, we are given to understand, by many newspaper stories and broadcasts, that anti-democratic religious zealots killed Pakistan’s last hope for democracy.

Lincoln was wrong: The ease of fooling most of the people most of the time

This year marks the forty-fourth anniversary of John Kennedy’s assassination. What is most remarkable about this is the stunningly simple fact that, despite innumerable books and several official investigations, we still do not know what happened in 1963.

Is Al Qaeda An Islamic Organization?

From the beginning of this world, according to Godly religions, there is the concept of protection and propagation of faith. This protection and propagation of faith is there in every religion which believes in book of God like Christianity, Judaism or any other. All these Godly religion believes in propagating their faiths in common masses to guide them towards right path, which is shown by Lord, the great. Today we can see the example of christen missionary which are working at many places. This propagator action of these religions is called as revolutionary action. This action is there in every Godly faith Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. All these religions have this concept in their basics.

How terror has lost its meaning

Why does terror dominate our headlines and the attention of our governments going on six years after 9/11? The answer cannot be what George Bush says that it is: it is not the fault of people who hate democracy and freedom.

The London car-bomb and the need for intelligent skepticism

We should all exercise a healthy skepticism regarding the story of the car-bomb just found in London.

The Untold Story: Khoei Murder

Many people only vaguely remember what happened on 10th April 2003 in Najaf. A Shia cleric was stabbed to death outside Iraq's holiest shrine. On the day, it was simply a murder carried out by blood thirsty terrorists, but it later played an important role in Ibrahim Al-Ja’fari’s election which saw him become Prime Minister of Iraq. The criminals who were jailed for the murder were later released by the Iraqi government who silenced the case and stood in the way of justice.

Of the 6 bln people on this earth, not one killed more than Saddam

Courtesy: CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER (Washington Post Writers Group)
Of the 6 billion people on this earth, not one killed more people than Saddam Hussein. And not just killed, but tortured and mutilated -- often with his own hands and for pleasure. It is quite a distinction to be the pre-eminent monster on the planet. If the death penalty was ever deserved, no one was more richly deserving than Saddam Hussein.

Shiraz - city of roses and exhilarating seasons

SHIRAZ, Iran: Known as the city of Poets and Philosophers, warriors and kings, orchards, roses, and fragrant blossoms, Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran that is located 895 km to the south of capital city of Tehran.

Iraq's about politics, not sectarianism

A few weeks ago, the Washington Post reported that the administration was considering what some call an "80% solution" to solve the problems in Iraq. In essence, the solution would be designed to work with the Shia Iraqis who make up 60% of the population and the Kurds who make up 20%.

North Korea's bomb

You might think from all the political noise that something extraordinary happened when North Korea conducted an underground nuclear explosion. But let's put the test, apparently a small-yield, inefficient device, into some perspective.

America has just lost two more wars

For a country which takes excessive pride in flags, uniforms, and marching bands and spends more than the rest of the planet combined on its military, the record of America's forces since World War II is depressing. In dozens of quickie invasions against weak opponents, Americans indeed have prevailed, but when faced with tough and determined enemies, they have remarkably often been defeated or stalemated.

Decline of the American empire

The rise now of China, Japan, Europe, and others – India, Korea, and to some extent Russia and Brazil – means the United States must be relatively diminished on the world stage, much as an only child whose mother just gave birth to quintuplets.

Flat daddy

I thought I knew every twist of American popular culture, but apparently not. It is an inventive society, and war is a creative force that brings new impulses. There's a program in the state of Maine, supported by the fun-loving, public-relations folks of the local National Guard, called Flat Daddy, unlike anything I've heard of before.

Nasrallah - new hero of the Islamic world

The Islamic world has a new hero. In Muslim countries from Morocco to Indonesia, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is being feted as the man who took on mighty Israel - and is winning.

A profile of Nasrallah

In the early hours of September 13, 1997, the Israeli army killed one 45-year-old woman, two Hezbollah fighters, and six Lebanese soldiers in the mountains of southern Lebanon. Later that day, Hezbollah officials viewed video footage of the bodies and confirmed that one of the slain was a precious kill indeed: 18-year-old Hadi Nasrallah, son of Hezbollah's leader, Secretary-General Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah.

The Bush, Ba'athist, Bin Laden joint decree: make war on the Shia

This motley trio has more in common with each other than any individually would dare to admit. The cozy relationship of the Bushs' with the Bin Ladens' is well known, as is the sordid history of United State's support for the tyrannical Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein. Recently, however, all three have united under a common banner: to end the growing influence of Shia Muslims in the Middle East.

An open letter to the Jewish people

As is revealed in the Qur’an, the Old Testament as read by the Jewish people today has been corrupted, distorted from its original form by parts being added and removed by various Jewish scholars. Nonetheless, the Old Testament in its present form still contains many statements compatible with the True Faith.



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