Real Sufism, Invitation of peace and cooperation with azadars (mourners); Baba Fareed Ganj Shakar's story

Useful Points for the Great Month of Rajab

Tibb-e-Nabawi (SAWW)

Miraculous natural healing

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A poem for Arba`een

Look at the heads atop the spear
and the eyes that are full of tears.
Husain (a) has gone and his sister is alone,
and her lonely sight is so hard to bear.


Ayatollah Shahid Al-Sadr & Imam Khomeini

9th April 2003 marks the 23rd anniversary of the martyrdom of Al-Sayyed Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir Al-Sadr. The following is the text of Imam Khomeini's message on that occasion in April 1980:


TNFJ chief's message on Ashoora

Matamdars, Azadaran!
Every Muslim desires love of Allah and for that purpose obedience (Itteba) of Rasool (SAW) is obligatory. Allah Says:


Ashoora Amaal

Abdullah bin Sinaan says that it was Aashoora day when I went to Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (A.S) and found him in sadness, deep sorrow and grief while his eyes were flowing with tears. I asked him the reason. He said: "don't you know that this was the day when my grand father Syed-ush shuhada Imam Hussain (A.S) was martyred wrongfully". Abdullah asked again: "what should we do today? " Imam told him some aamaal of the day, which are as under:



Peace be on you, O Abu 'Abdillah
Peace be on you, O son of the Messenger of Allah
Peace be upon you, O the chosen one and the son of the chosen one
Peace be on you, O son of the Commander of the Faithful and the son of the chief of the successors.
Peace be on you, O son of Fatima, the leading lady of the worlds


Religious curbs in Saudi Arabia – Report

Saudi Arabia this year witnessed many acts of religious intolerance by the government and several religious figures. The most prominent event was the attack on the main Ismaili mosque in the southern city of Najran, the closure of several Shia mosques and community halls (husayniahs), the arrest of several Shia clerics,


Brief history of endowments of Astan Quds Razavi - Part II

We cannot exactly ascertain the exact date of the first endowment of the Astan Quds Razavi. Most of the records and documents concerned with the endowments has been lost during the protracted centuries by the pillage, destruction and invasions in the chequered past of the Khorasan region and also by the mismanagement and negligence in maintaining these endowments.


Eid-e-Mubahila & its history

Eid-e-Mubahila is celebrated on 24 Zulhijja to mark the famous event of 'Mubahila' which took place in the year 10 AH against the Christians of Najran. A delegation comprised of 60 Christians of Najran headed by Abdul Masih their chief monkpriest came to the Holy Prophet (pbuh&hp) and discussed with the personality of Hazrat Isa (as).


Dua for Eid-e-Mubahila

According to reports there are a number of A'maal to be performed on Eid-e-Mubahila which falls on Zilhajj 24. among them is "Dua-e-Mubahila"


Ghadir - the greatest feast

Today I have perfected your religion and completed my favor upon you, and I was satisfied that Islam be your religion. (Quran 5:3)


Hazrat Zainab (S)'s ziyarat

The ziyarat (verbal salutation) for Sharikah-tul-Hussein Hazrat Sayyidah Zainab (S), the daughter of Hazrat Imam Ali Al-Murtaza (A) and Hazrat Sayyidah Fatimah Zahra (S), is recited while pilgrimage to her holy shrine, on the days of her birth, martyrdom, and during the month of Muharram-ul-Haram to obtain divine blessing:


Endowments in Islam; Masumeen (A)’s endowments

In the glorious religion of Islam, after the faith in the Oneness of Allah and performing the religious obligations, the most important and valuable act is the humanitarian service and donating the wealth in the philanthropic causes. In Islam charity enjoys a high position and is considered as an important characteristic of the truthfulness of the faith of a believer.


Ghadir feast in light of Ahadith

Hazrat Imam Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib (as) said: The Ghadir feast is a day which dignity is great. On this day, blessings fell from heaven; the ranks of those who were eligible to rise was enhanced; God's proofs became clear and manifest; today was the day when religion was perfected; a day fit to take the oath of allegiance.


Moosavi's message on beginning of Wilayat Week

Brethren in Islam!
Nations consider commemoration of their Mashaheer (heroes) and Days as a sign of life and provide the proof of being a live nation considering talk about them, festival and their days a source of strength for hearts. Allah has given commandment to the Holy Prophet (SAW):


Hazrat Zaynab (sa)’s shrine – A marvelous place

DUBAI: The holy shrine compound of Hazrat Sayyedah Zaynab (sa), the beloved daughter of Hazrat Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Fartimah Zahra (sa), and the granddaughter of Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (saw) located in the town of ‘Sit Zaynab’, south of Syrian capital city of Damascus, has granted her name to the town awarding it more beauty, spirituality and fame.


Great Saint - Ghulam Ali Shah alias Baba Sahib: Rulers paid salutes on his shrine & gained wishes

The tomb of sage Hazrat Syed Ghulam Ali Shah known as Ghulam Shah Badshah and Baba Sahib is the most significant one in Shahdara, Rajouri, the Indian-held state of Jammu-Kashmir.


Islamic civilization and mysticism

Sufism is actually like the flower of the tree of Islam or it can be called the jewel in the crown of Islamic civilization. The goal of Sufism is to lead man from the world of Form, to the world of Spirit. Form is the veil of the spiritual world, but at the same time it is its symbol and the ladder by means of which union with it can be attained, but a Form that has become so polished and refined by traditional art and knowledge, the darkness and opacity of ...


Muslims exist in America before Columbus

WASHINGTON: Some archeological findings say that Muslims had established their presence in Latin America even before the arrival of Christopher Columbus who discovered the United States.


Prayer for parents

Hazrat Imam Jaffer Sadiq (as) said: “The dead ones are pleased and displeased the same was as we are; when we remember them with prayers for forgiveness and reward, they are delighted. These are taken by the Angels as special gifts to them and they in turn pray for the living ones for their kindness.”


Sunday special salaat in Dhil Qa'da - benefits

It is narrated from the Prophet (Peace be upon him and his progeny) that it is recommended to pray this prayer on Sunday in the month of Dhil Qa'da with a great reward:


TNFJ chief's message on 3-day Ayyam-e-Zamin

Brethren in Islam!
Best and highest moral example is necessary for human training and there is no doubt that seerat of the Paighambar-e-Islam (SAW) is the complete usswah for the world of humanity.


Golden advises

In the Name of Allah begin every action
Obey, serve and worship Allah with devotion
Offer Salaah with humility an attention,
Read the Qur'an with understanding and comprehension.


Doing good without expecting a recompense

(Harun Yahya Article) A person who has fear of Allah is also someone who listens to his conscience and always acts according to the Qur'an. In the Qur'an, Allah commands people to engage in good deeds without expecting any worldly reward, to provide people help and strive to present them a good life. In the verse "Do not give out of a desire for gain" (Surat al-Muddaththir: 6), the prohibition stresses that people should not seek worldly gain for services they render intending the good pleasure of Allah.


Advantages of Ayat al-Kursi

Verse 255 of Surah-e-Baqarah (chapter: The cow) in holy Quran is called Ayat Al-Kursi: “Allah! There is no god but He - the Living, The Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him Nor Sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede in His presence except as he permitteth? He knoweth what (appeareth to His creatures As) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass Aught of his knowledge Except as He willeth.


Love of God And Fear Of God

By: Harun Yahya (renowned Turkish writer)

God says, "Do not take two gods. He is only One God. So dread Me alone." (Sura an-Nahl: 51)


Cemetery of Janna-tul-Baqee

The cemetery of Janna-tul-Baqee, located in Saudi city of Madinah, is the most sanctified graveyard. In 1925, 8 Shawwal 1345 A.H., the ruling Saudi Government of Aal-e-Saud destructed the holy shrines of Ahl-e-Bait (AS), honorable companions of the Prophet of Islam (SAW), Ummaha-tul-Momineen (RA) and a number of important figures of Islam.


TNFJ chief’s message on Jannatul Baqi Demolition Day

Brethren in Islam! Love is that great a thing on which the system of universe is based and is maintained, religion has been termed love and love means to long for something considering it good.


Yemenis believe ‘Al-Kahaf’ in Al-Ma’qab

SANAA, Yemen: A large number of people daily visit during the holy month of Ramadan an old Mosque situated in a small village Al-Ma’qab, 250 Kilometers south of Yemeni capital Sanaa, keeping faith that offering prayer in it is much rewarding than in other mosques.


14 Prophetic Jewels

Fourteen jewels from the sayings of the Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (s.a.w.a) narrated by Ahlul Bayt (a.s):
* Perform the obligatory you will be the most pious
* To be content is an endless wealth


What is Islam?

Islam is peace Islam is ease,
Islam's not danger or disease

Islam is love and prosperity
Islam's not hatred or adversity


Rewards of reciting salawat

Allah and His angels bless the Prophet. O' believers, do bless him and pray him peace! (Holy Qoran)


Eid - a thanksgiving occasion

Eid is a Thanksgiving occasion where the Muslims gather in a brotherly and joyful atmosphere to offer their gratitude to Allah for helping them in fulfillment of their spiritual obligations prior to the Eid. This form of thanksgiving is not confined to spiritual devotion and verbal expressions. It goes far beyond that to manifest itself in a handsome shape of social and humanitarian spirit.


Asma-e-Azam & benefits

Ar Rehman (The Beneficent)
One who recites this name 100 times will get sharp memory.

Ya 'Adl (The Just)
One who eats the bread after writing this name Friday night, will obey his order.


25 Duas from Holy Quran

And when My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I respond to the dua (prayer) of every suppliant when they calleth on Me - Quran 2:186


Another wonder boy from Iran

Mehyar Hussein Boor from Iran not only has the entire Holy Quran etched in his mind, but he will also tell you there are 77,807 letters in the Holy Book.


•Child in Hadith of Ahl-e-Bait (as)

Moosavi’s Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin message

Nations not only fulfill their principles and values but also defend those signs that are commensurate with their Mashaheer, heroes, elders and grandfathers, and this is what is the habit of live nations. The Islamic World that has been called Ummat-e-Wahida and Ummat-e-Wast considers all those signs as Sha’air Allah that reminds of Allah and Khansan-e-Khuda, and their respect is also obligatory.



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Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
"Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you." MORE..
(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

The poem of death

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