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Moosavi’s message on ‘Peace Day’

Brethren in Islam & Iman!
For everything, one or another thing has been termed decoration (Zeenat), as sun and moon are for the skies , gardens, trees, fruits, flowers, and spring for earth , deeds for life in Hereafter, offspring and wealth for worldly life. Therefore, Allah Says:


Ramadan and Health

This article provides useful advice on how to avoid some common problems encountered in Ramadan. The advice should enable one to fast comfortably and enjoy fully the spiritual benefits of Ramadan


Maleeka tul Arab Khadeeja tul Kubra (a.s)

Grave of Hazrat Khadija tul Kubra(sa) Jannat tul Moalla Makkah

It has been divine practice that any nabi (prophet) has not been placed under obligation of any non-Muslim. According to the research scholars of Islam all ancestors of Holy Prophet Hzarat Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon him and his progeny) were momin and muwahid (believes and Muslim) as the writer of "Seerat-nabawiyya" while quoting the saying of Imam Fakhr-ud-din Raazi..


MSO Convention & Peace Seminar: TNFJ chief’s message

Dear Spiritual Sons!

Knowledge is our inheritance and heritage by dint of which Angels put their foreheads in prostration. Seeking knowledge has been made obligatory. The faith of Islam, which we follow, has its bases on knowledge, and the faith is recognized due to Knowledge and Irfan. Revelation on Holy Prophet (SAW) who is The Lord of Prophets, The Seal of Messengers and Mercy for the Worlds, also initiated with “Iqra Bismay Rabbekallazi”


Report: Muslims in China

BEIJING, China: Muslims are more than 22 million in China's about 1.2 billion huge population, according to a report on Friday.


Sayedah Ruqayyah (SA) Mosque & Mausoleum in Syria

DAMASCUS, Syria: The Sayedah Ruqayyah (SA) Mosque and Mausoleum in Damascus, Syria, which houses the tomb of Hazrat Ruqayyah (SA) herself, the beloved daughter of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) who was the grandson of The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), is a place of devout worship and prayer for Shia' Muslims.


Mustahebaat & mubtilaat of fast

" Yet better it is for him who volunteers good, and that you should fast is better for you if you but know; the month of Ramadan, wherein the Koran was sent down to be a guidance to the people, and as clear signs of the Guidance and the Salvation." Holy Qoran: Baqrah- 185


Hazrat Khadija (SA): The Perfect Woman

There are only four women in the entire world who measured up to the lofty standards of real greatness and perfection set by Islam. They are:


Fasting in light of Ahadith

Hazrat Fatema Zehra (a.s) proclaimed: What is the use of a fast if the tongue, ears, eyes and other parts of body are not prevented from sinning.


Ramazan: The month of forbearance & brotherhood

When the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) used to sight the moon of the holy month of Ramazan, he stood facing the Qibla and with utmost humbleness in the presence of Allah asked success in this holy month by saying: "O' Allah! Make its dawn on us in peace, conviction in faith, safety, submission, and abundance of prosperity, immunity from sickness, recitation of Qur'an and assistance in prayers and fasting. O' Allah! Keep us healthy in the month of Ramazan and keep us confident in our faith in it, and let it not last without being forgiven.


The Holy month of Ramadhan

The Holy Month of Ramadhan, which begins after the crescent of the new moon is spotted, is one of the month in which Allah revealed the Holy Qur'an to Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.&.h.p.), bringing with it all the glory. This is the month in which the doors of heavens are kept open, doors of hell are closed and Satan is kept in chains.


Significance of fasting during Shabaan

Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw) stated: “Shabaan is my month and Ramzan is the month of Allah (swt). Therefore, if anyone observes one day of fasting during Shabaan, I will do his/her shafa’at on the Day of Judgment, and one who observes two days of fasting then his/her previous sins would be pardoned and if someone observes three days of fasting then it would be just like all the sins have been washed away.”


History of Jamkaran Mosque

The learned Shi'ite research scholars and historians in their books have narrated from Hasan b. Mathleh Jamakarani - a righteous man of upright conduct and noble character, and a lover of the family of the revelation and Prophethood (i.e. the Ahlul Bayt, the holy progeny of the Prophet [s]) - regarding the construction of the Holy Jamkaran Mosque in the outskirts of Qum as follows:


Lal Shahbaz Qalandar: A great saint

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, a patron saint of Sindhis, was born early in the twelfth century in 1177 in Marwand, now Afghanistan, to a noble Makhdum, sayed Ahmed Kabir, who was a close friend of the King of Tabriz. Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s real name was Syed Muhammad Usman and his mother was a high-ranking princess. He showed from his infancy signs of a deep spiritual nature. It is said that even when very young he had developed occult powers. He knew Quran by heart at age seven, and at twenty he was initiated into the Qalandar order.


The Glory of Islamic World

The magnificent and marvelous buildings and structures in the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) situated in the holy city of Mash’had, Iran, comprises one of the oldest and most beautiful religious and historical monuments in the world. The visitors, travelers and historians have called this religious complex as "The Glory of the Islamic World".


Shabih-e-Payamber (SAW): Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS)

“O Allah be witness that now I am sending towards that people the ‘youth’ who resembled the most with your prophet (SAW) in character and behavior & manners, conduct and demeanor … Whenever we did desire to have a view of the Holy Face departed away from us, we used to look at the face of that youth … Allah! Hussain has one Ali Akbar and he is sent to be sacrificed for Your cause; if I had many more like him, I would have offered all in Your way.”


Kids N parents in light of Quran & Hadith

*Imam Sadiq (AS) said: "Disobedience towards the parents is a heinous sin, for Allah has made the disobedient one rebellious and hard."


Hazrat Abbas (AS) - an embodiment of bravery

Hazrat Ghazi Abbas Alamdar (AS) was born on Shaban 4, year 26 after Hijra. He was the son of Hazrat Ameer al Momineen Ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S) and Hazrat Fatimah Kelabiya Ummal Baneen (AS), the daughter of Hezam Ibn-e Khalid Ibn-e Rabi’e Ibn-e Amer Kalbi, belonging to the brave tribe of Arab ‘Bani Kalab’. On his birth Hazrat Ali (A.S) took him in his arms, kissed him and said while weeping bitterly:


Excerpts from speeches of Sharikatul Hussain (SA)

Darbar e Yazeed

Hazrat Zainb (AS), the elder daughter of Syedul Awsiya Hazrat Ameer al Momineen Ali ibne Abi Talib (AS) and Mistress of the Ladies of the worlds Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (AS), was born in Medina Munawwara. Her grandfather Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon him & his progeny) named her Zainab – being made up of 2 words: ‘Zain’ (beauty) and ‘ab’ (of father). Her holy shrine is in Damascus, Syria.


The youngest martyr of Karbala

Zindan-e-Imam Ali Naqi (as)

The 9th day of Rajabul Murajjab is the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS), the youngest child of Hazrat Imam Hussain bin Ali bins Abi Talib (peace of Allah be upon them). His mother was Hazrat Rubab (AS) the daughter of Imrau al-Qays who was the chief of the tribe of Kinda. Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS) was born only a few weeks before Imam Hussain (AS) left Madina, the city of Prophet (SAWW).


Hazrat Imam Mahdi (ATF) By Virtue of Ahadith

The 12th Imam - co-name and co-filial appellation of the prophet of Allah (SAWW) - Hazrat Mahdi bin Hassan bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Moosa bin Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Al Hussain bin Ali bin Abi Talib bin Abdil Muttalib (peace of Allah be upon them)


Creator of universe characterized Saddiqa Tahira (SA) centre of Tatheer

Special Message of Qauid-e-Millat-e-Jafariya Pakistan Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi on the auspicious occasion of Youm-e-Hurmat-e-Niswan in connection with the Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Fatima Tuz Zahra (SA)


Ulema in the light of Ahadith

Knowledge has been termed the very base of Deen (Religion/faith) and those who possess knowledge have been considered the inheritors of Prophets (AS). Therefore, it is said: “Al-Ulemao warasatul Ambia”.


Baytun Noor – A holy place in Qom

HOLY CITY OF QOM, Iran: Baytun Noor is that holy place where Hazrat Sayyedah Fatimah Masoomah (SA), the daughter of the 7th descendant of Holy prophet Muhammad (SAWW) Hazrat Imam Moosa Kazim (AS) and the sister of Hazrat Imam Ali Raza (AS) stayed for 17 and according to some other reports for 27 days. Baytun Noor, which is called “Qadamgah” in Persian, is situated in the heart of Madressah (Sattiyah) adjacent to Al-Hawza Al-Ilmiya in the holy city of Qom, Iran.


The 4 special deputies of Imam-e-Zamana (ATF) – Part 4

The Fourth Deputy: Abul Hasan Ali Ibn Mohammad Seymori
He was appointed as the fourth special deputy of Imam Mahdi (ATF) after the demise of Hussein Ibn Rauh. He is remembered as one of companions of Imam Hasan Askari (A.S.) and the special representative of Imam Mahdi (ATF) in Baghdad.


Part 3                  Part2                          Part 1

What justice for 7000 victims of Serbian terror?

As the 7th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia descends, IHRC notes with great sadness the continuing disparity between international principles of justice and the so-called practice of justice in the international arena.


A little about Bohlol's life

Bohlol was born in Kufa and his real name is Wahab bin Amr. Haroun Rashid feared for the safety of his Caliphate and kingdom from the 7th Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.). That's why he imprisoned Imam (AS). His (AS) followers were in danger from the Caliph Haroun. 



O God, send out for us Your rains, Your bounty, Your provision, and your mercy, and give us water in a measure that would benefit us, satiates our thirst, and makes the land green with grass, wherewith all that has withered may grow, and come to life all that has died



Wonders of Aab-e-Zam Zam

We came here again to perform the Omrah, and I am reminded of the wonders of Zum-zum. Let me go back to how it all started. In 1971, an Egyptian doctor wrote to the European Press, a letter saying that Zum-zum water was not fit for drinking purposes. FULL STORY..

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as)'s words

"The best means by which servants can obtain nearness to Allah, Mighty and Glorious, is the obedience of Allah, the obedience of his messenger, and the obedience of those charged with (spiritual) authority." Then, he added: " The love of us (Ahlul-bayt) is Faith (Iman) and the hatred for us in infidelity (kufr)."


Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) praises Holy Prophet (SAWW)

Surely the Prophet Muhammad, son of Aminah,
Is for me like my own Child. 
When he held on to the halter of my camel, I felt 
compassion for him, 
Even as the white camels were loaded, 
Copious tears flowed from my eyes 
Tears like scattered pearls FULL STORY..


Let's be like the prophet (SAWW)

May Allah help us in our attempts to be like our beloved prophet (pbuh&hp)

Prophet Muhammad Portrats Himself When asked by Hazrat Ali (A.S), hisFULL STORY..

Excerpts from the last will of Imam Khomeini - Part 2

In The Name of God The Compassionate the Merciful

The significance of the glorious Islamic Revolution which came to be through the efforts of millions of worthy men and the blood of thousands of martyrs and disabled veterans and which is regarded as a source of hope and inspiration to millions of oppressed human beings, is so great that it defies evaluation by pen or tongue.                         FULL STORY..

Excerpts from the last will of Imam Khomeini - Part 1

Imam al-Mahdi (ATF)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

And we desired to bestow a favor upon those who were deemed weak in the land, and to make them the Imams (Leaders of mankind), and to make them the heirs. (Quran, 28:5) FULL STORY..


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Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
"Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you." MORE..
(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

Acts that increase and decrease Rizq

Dua for students

Importance of Ayyam-e-Aza is crystal clear

A great sign coming for reappearance of Imam Al Mahdi (atfs) Inshallah

Tibb-e-Nabawi (SAWW)

Satanism - Taken from Qur'anic Psychiatry

Husseinian Ceremonies: An Interview with a Christian Scholar 

Iraq: A Depleted Generation

Shi'as in Iraq

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